“One thing about a skater, they never quit, so a skater to sum it up is awesome.”

Lil Wayne

“Its Physical and mental, you have something to focus on.”

Dennis Busenitz

“I consider skateboarding an art form, a lifestyle and a sport. ‘Action sport’ would be the least offensive categorization.”

Tony Hawk

“Over the years, I’ve heard a lot of people say “there’s something missing in my life”. None of these people have been skateboarders.”

Lucas Klein

“All skateboarding is, is putting ideas into action.”

Marc Johnson

“I feel like I’ve influnced in the sense that if you want to do it, do it. If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it. But don’t rely on what people are saying you can do or saying what you can’t do.”

Lance Mountain

“I’ll tell you one of the great activities is skateboarding. To learn to do a skateboard trick, how many times do you gotta get something wrong til you get it right? …And you hurt yourself, and you learn to do that trick, now you got a life lesson. Every time I see those skateboard kids, I think ‘those kids’ll be alright.’ ”

Jerry Seinfeld

“All I wanted to do was ride skateboards – I wanted to be a professional skateboarder. But I had this problem. I kept breaking half of my body skateboarding.”

Travis Barker

“The last few years I became a lot more into sports. Growing up, the sports I liked were independent sports, like skateboarding. I was really into skateboarding, and not necessarily team televised sports.”

Mark Hoppus

“Growing up in Huntington Beach, you were either a traditional sports athlete, a skateboarder, or a surfer. I got my first skateboard when I was five and skated off and on over the years, did a little BMX racing as a kid, and then in my freshman or sophomore year I started getting a little bit more into skateboarding.”

Jason Lee

“Do what you love and try not to look at what other people occupy themselves with. Most people seem restless and bounce around too much to focus or even pay attention enough to themselves to figure out exactly what they really do love, as opposed to what the people that surround them are doing.”

Rodney Mullen

“My life path has been a blessing and a great learning experience. Skateboarding is my passion and I don’t see that changing. When I’m not skating, I love to surf. I’m open to the new experiences and opportunities.”

Ryan Sheckler

Skateboarding was born in California in the year 1950. When the waves were too weak to ride, surfers improvised and “surfed” the land. It was initially called “sidewalk surfing” and Californians basically created a surfboard with wheels.

The first modern skateboarding trick was introduced by Alan Ollie Gelfand, and is now popularly known as the Ollie.

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